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Overseas companies interested in new business opportunities

The ITBE (International Trade and Business Expo) is an eagerly-awaited event in the business world. Scheduled for October 2 and 3, 2023 in Miami. This event will see the participation of a delegation of business leaders from the French West Indies, Africa and Europe, to discover new business opportunities.

The ITBE organizing team has been engaged in meticulous preparation for several months to ensure the success of this flagship event.
 Their objective is to create an environment fostering networking and business opportunities for participants. By gathering together various economic sectors in a unique exhibition, the ITBE is positioned as a genuine showcase for international trade and development opportunities.
A wide range for contractors
The various economic sectors represented are: aviation and aeronautics, renewable energies, business tourism, agribusiness, health and well-being, digital and connected objects, art and fashion, construction and real estate, and crafts. 
Ralph MONPLAISIR, mayor of Case Pilote and president of “Syndicat Mixte de l’Energie of Martinique”, goes to Miami with the delegation of business leaders.
 Aware of the importance of this trade expo and the opportunity to develop international economic relations.
(see video by Ralph Montplaisir of  “Syndicat Mixte de l’Energie of Martinique”.


An association dedicated to entrepreneurship
The CCEM (Collectif Coopération Export Martinique), a nonprofit organization, is actively involved in organizing this delegation of companies from Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana and other Caribbean islands.
At a preparatory meeting of the association, several experts announced their support and enthusiasm for the event. They believe that
” This event is unique in that it represents and unites participating companies from different sectors with the same need to increase their visibility and boost their sales.
Viviane CHIFFRIN , President of the CCEM “
ITBE brings together institutions and business leaders from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe and the United States
” I’d like to mention the importance of professional meetings in developing business synergies. 
 “The Miami International Airport, represented by Desmond ALUFOHAI, Director of Protocol and International Affairs, supports the ITBE exhibition, which strengthens our position in the Florida market. Other institutional partners in Florida have also joined the ITBE concept. The aim of the event is to develop fruitful international relations and give visibility to small and medium-sized enterprises in a fair on a human scale.
” Viviane  CHIFFRIN, president CCEM “
Several economic sectors represented
Among the sectors represented at this show, we find business tourism, which occupies an increasingly important place in the global economy, thus promoting exchanges and partnerships between companies.
 Agribusiness, a key sector of the global economy, will also be present to highlight innovations and investment opportunities in agriculture and the food industry
Aviation, the mainstay of global trade, reveals the latest technological advances and innovative solutions in air transport.
 Art and fashion will also be featured, highlighting the importance of the creative industry in the global economy
The wellness and health sector, with digital solutions, such as connected objects that provide new solutions for patient care and follow-up
Construction and real estate booming worldwide and especially in Florida, will be represented by major players who will share their expertise
Renewable energy, due to the growing importance of sustainable development and the climate emergency, will be at the forefront of ITBE. Participants will learn about the latest technological advances and investment opportunities in this fast-growing sector.
A week of strategic trade expo
The organizing team of the ITBE continues the preparations. During this week full of events, business leaders who wish to participate will be able to participate in a “travel tour” allowing them to be exhibitors at several shows, such as the FITCE (Florida International Trade & Cultural Expo) in Fort Lauderdale and the MED WEEK (Minority Enterprise Development Week), so many additional opportunities to develop business partnerships and explore new markets.
ITBE ( international trade and business expo) le 2 -3 octobre 2023
FITCE (Florida international  trade & cultural expo) le 4 – 5 octobre 2023
MED WEEK ( minority enterprise development week) le 6 octobre 2023
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